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  1. toadass

    First Planted Tank - Roma 200?

    Hi Deansie, are you sure it isn't due to the lack of flow to certain areas. With it being deeper it possibly has flow restrictions to lower levels? If some plants are ok I'd guess it's more to do with flow/nutrients/Co2 etc?
  2. toadass

    First Planted Tank - Roma 200?

    I had a Roma 200 as my 1st tank (few years ago now) had no problems with the height and lack of growth and that was with the 2 T8 tubes that come with it. It just meant a slower growth rate. I had 2 external filters, with spray bars along the back, 1 of which had an inline diffuser. ADA...
  3. toadass

    Where to go for custom build tank

    Thanks guys ND have got back to me with a quote which seems quite reasonable. I'll hunt around for a little bit and see what happens:)
  4. toadass

    Where to go for custom build tank

    Thanks mate, I shall check then out
  5. toadass

    Where to go for custom build tank

    Thanks Paul. I have emailed them as they didn't have prices on their site. Haven't had a response as yet more, but it has only been a day. Can I ask what size you ordered/had made?
  6. toadass

    Where to go for custom build tank

    Hi all, I have been out of the hobby for around 2 years whilst my little one was learning to walk and being nosy on anything around the house. Im looking to start another scape again as sold everything before. I want to get a custom tank built, nothing different just the usual 120 x 45 x 45. The...
  7. toadass

    Steve's ADA 120P - Emerald Isles

    Bargain, what generous person sold you that? ;) I can confirm Mr Evans did own the tank. (Allbeit A few years back) It was also his 2 filters, 1 reg, and glassware. Any updates mate?
  8. toadass

    Help me decide (suggestions please)

    Hi peeps I'm after a 120cm hanging light unit. I did have my eye on the arcadia stretch but due to positioning of lily pipes etc I have decided against them (hence the hanging). I was looking to get a 2nd hand Arcadia ot2, the reason behind this is because Arcadia is what I have always used and...
  9. toadass

    New light hanger??

    Hi all I'm just setting up a 120, I was looking to get the arcadia stretch but after a lot of umming and arring have decide to keep with the arcadia ot2. On my last set up I made an ada style light hanger which turned out fine. After doing a bit of searching I come across this. Just wondered if...
  10. toadass

    arcadia classica stretch led 120cm.

    Can't help you much mate I'm afraid, but I'm watching this with interest as I have a 120cm and am currently looking at these or the tmc aquabar. Hopefully someone with a bit of knowledge will be along shortly. Although Simon Jones uses them on his hi tech and they do the job on his...
  11. toadass

    Dry start

    Lots of Dry Start Method questions! | UK Aquatic Plant Society There's a few Q and A on here bud from when George was DSM
  12. toadass

    Any info on powerheads

    Thanks mate. Going to sort an order this weekend. Can't grumble at the price they are
  13. toadass

    Any info on powerheads

    Thanks bud... I shall give it a whirl. It be the same as that I'm on using it on a timer to distribute my co2 with diffuser below it
  14. toadass

    Any info on powerheads

    Spot on, thanks Alistair. Just the sort of thing I was After. Have you had any experience with these?
  15. toadass

    powerhead on a timer with co2

    Cheers Paulo, just the sory of confirmation good enough for me