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    Hello from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK

    Hello and welcome.
  2. TDI-line

    Aquariums Limited

    I had heard about poor service from them, and wasn't going to spend my money there. Just waiting 2 weeks now for delivery from ND aquatics, who have been first class throughout. Personally i would get your money back, via polite email and then charge back due to unreasonable production lead time.
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    Hello from Israel

  4. TDI-line

    Hello from East London

    Hello and welcome.
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    How time flies

  6. TDI-line

    hello from sunny oxford

  7. TDI-line

    Back again. :)

    Hi Paulo, hope your well. New project is quite a bit smaller, than the last one, will be 3' x 2' x 2', instead of 7' x 2' x 2', so just under 300 litres, instead of 720 litres. But will be in the living room, so i can see it all the time. Will also be my first Opt-white, so not sure what to...
  8. TDI-line

    Thanks for rekindling my intrest!

    Hello and welcome.
  9. TDI-line

    Back again. :)

    Hi guys, back again, and it's been a while. Just ordered a ND Aquatics tank, so can now start getting ideas for lights and CO2, and anything new including fish, plants, ferts, etc. Thanks, Dan.
  10. TDI-line

    Why are there no "monster" planted tanks ?

    Here's a few links to some of my past 720 litre scapes... TDI's Blyxa-Blyxa Journal | UK Aquatic Plant Society TDI's Blyxa - Riverbank (picture update 19/5/09) | UK Aquatic Plant Society TDI's Blyxa - Monolith (with guests appearance by L046). | UK Aquatic Plant Society
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    Hello from Cambridgeshire, again

    Nope, only about 15 mins to the W.zoo ;)
  12. TDI-line

    A bit of a plug for Dobbies in P'boro.

    I had a browse round there last weekend, and probably the weekend before that. All looks good. ;)
  13. TDI-line

    Hello from Cambridgeshire, again

    Hi all, just checking in again, have finally moved now to Yaxley, near Peterborough, and will be salvaging what equipment survived the house move, and of course on the look out for a nice (looking) tank and cabinet. My original tank was an Akva-Stabil 720 Effect line, and looking for...
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    100cm optiwhite - the learning curve

    Lovely tank, good luck with your next setup.
  15. TDI-line

    What's new pussy cat?

    Hi George, i thought there would be a few updates. I'm in Yaxley now, so not too far a beer and a chat, i'll pm you then we can catch up.