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Hi Clive I'm new to this site. But I like how logical and scientific you are in your posts.
Safety concerns!!! Non Standard UK Plugs!

Most items from china are like this. Also the earth pin shouldnt have the black band on it. I have seen a lot of this whilst PAT testing.
Hi Mate
Paulo sent me in your direction!
Is there any possibility that you can source me some Bucephalandra “Mini Catherinae”
Or something similar size-wise!
Tried everywhere no joy!;)
Still 118..............................
Tim Harrison
Tim Harrison
Yes it's my birthday in a month or so then I'llI be 119. I think old age is starting to catch up with me...
Hi, it was brilliant to meet you on Saturday! Amazing luck for me! I will take some pictures of the tank - before finding this forum and after....
Hi mate sorry been out of the country, where do you live so I can work out postage.
hey Ady, Just noticed that you are stilling logging in from time to time. Hope you are well mate. Shame that the big discus tank has gone now, on to something new in the new house??
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Hi Iain, yes very well thanks mate. Yes very sad to see the big tank go but we are moving home and the new 'bigger' house is too small for the big tank . I have plans for a new tank and perhaps going planted again too but we shall see.
Hope you and the family are keeping well also? Speak soon.
Do you wstill happen to have any Weeping Moss for sale. Just looking for a little bit for a micro tank i'm making.
Hi George. Watched all your stuff and it’s super helpful and informative - thanks for your efforts. Do you have experience using sumps; are they worth it? I have a 22l nano and a TMC Sig 600, with a 350 juwel for later! I wanted to incr. water vol and hide all the kit too. I hadn’t planned for top ups or drilling tanks at that time but I’m now starting to... just wondered what your thoughts were. Thanks!
Hi - just saw a post/question of yours from 2009 regarding availablity of Anubias gigantea in UK - please can you tell me if you ever managed to get some? If so, where from? Many thanks