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Yidao CO2 reactor help


16 Jan 2021
Hi All,

Got my Yidao reactor today, took just 10 days to arrive on AliExpress (very impressed)

I have issues regarding filling, purging and noise.

On first filling what's the best way to get all the air out? I did a test run using a submersible pump in my sink to test for leaks etc - the only way I could get it to fill was by blocking the outlet hose to create back pressure so the air would be pushed out the open CO2 injection port. But I don't see how this would be feasible when integrated into my aquarium setup. Without fiddling, when pump is turned on the water only fills to the bottom of the outlet tube.

Can someone confirm the metal screw isn't actually a purge valve? How would one purge it once incorporated into the filtration system? I improvised my own purge using a T and ball valve airline pieces (see picture), which I haven't seen mentioned before...

It's also very noisy; the incoming water slapping against the gas pocket at the top, is this normal? I'm aware the gas pocket is common but I don't see how the noise is acceptable to anyone in the long run. Appreciate any tips!

Just a bit miffed there isn't a good reactor that works off the shelf without drawbacks, considering going back to an in-line and just putting up with the mist!



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I tip the whole thing on its head (careful with the hose connections) until all the air has been slurped out.

For the noise I dont know, I havent used mine for long but it gets noisy as soon as there is any amount of gas collected at the top, I need a solution for it as well. As far as noises go the type of noise is better to listen to than a hissing or vibrating noise, but the PLOIK PLOIK GURP gets a bit tiresome after a while. Hopefully someone knows how to improve it.
I use the metal screw as a purge valve. The nipple is a quick disconnect so I just close the screw, slide the co2 line out, and then unscrew a bit so the gas can escape. Screw it back down, add line back, and open back up fully.