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White spots on Rotala H'ra, deficiency?

Jim E

New Member
7 Mar 2021
Hi, I have a 45p that has been running since December 4. Yesterday i noted som white spots on some of the leafs on the rotala. Does the plant have an deficiency?

1. Size of tank : 45p
2. Age of the system approximately: Approximately 6 weeks
3. Filtration: JBL E702 with 400ml matrix and one bag of purigen
4. Lighting and duration: Chihiros C2, 8hours/day 80% intensity
5. Substrate: Base layer fertilizing substrate ADA power sand with Tropicas soil and a small cap of Tropicas soil powder over it.
6. Co2 dosing or Non-dosing: 2 bubbles/sec. Drop checker is limegreen
7. Fertilisers used + Ratios: For the first 4 weeks I used plantedbox all-in-one but since 2 weeks im dosing all-in-one Lean 1ml/day (plantedbox)
8. Water change regime and composition: I do one water change/week roughly 50%
9. Plant list: Monte carlo and Rotala H'ra
10. Inhabitants: 5 Amano shrimp, 10 galaxy rasboras


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