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where to buy 1-2 grow and in vitro plants


27 Apr 2010
any other good sites for 1-2 grow / in vitro plants ? i know AE carry some , and ive forund a couple of sellers on ebay .
thanks george . the more i read about these plants the more i fancy trying a pot 🙂
they are great, used some today. get way better coverage than pots.
you won'tbe disappionted Mark, somtimes they're a little difficult to plant, with the erectus, you might find it easier planting on large water change day.

I love the 1-2 grow stuff, i have just replanted my foreground with mini hairgrass. Again, this is a nice little plant.
1-2-Grow are the best plants I've used in terms of their ease of transition to underwater life and consequent fast grow rates in the initial weeks.

They also represent good value for money; sure the physical mass may be smaller but the quantity of individual plants is far greater than regular potted plants.

Another plus is that they're a lot more suited to online stores where postage can have an impact on health, and stores without proper holding tanks can sell them without issue.

If I could buy any species in this form, I would.
i am extremely tempted to grab a pot of the erectus right now ian , but i need to be disciplined and sort out my flow/distribution 1st . ive got a little problem area in my tank at the left rear corner , where i just cant get anything growing . at the moment even hygrophila is struggling there , leading me to think i must have a dead spot that isnt getting co2/nutrients . the odd thing is though that the Hydrocotyle leucocephala planted directly in front of it is doing nicely . staying nice and low at around 4 inches , but sending out loads of new shoots and leaves . changed the layout of equipment last night , so we will see if it does the trick

in the meantime for those interested , i have found a few more places that carry 1-2 grow .

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