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Whats wrong with this tank? Scaping advice welcome!


4 Feb 2010
Over the past couple of weeks, my tank has been deteriorating quick, and I do not know why..... plant growth is weak and seems to be very slow, I am using EI, CO2 injection with a ph reading of 5.75 (3 to 4 bubbles per sec), LED lights on for 9hrs + 2 x T5's at the back for 5hrs .... I am supplementing Nitrogen and Liquid Carbon. Temperature here is well in its 30degrees celsius so i run a chiller keeping the temperature at 28. I just cannot figure out what has gone wrong and things are spiraling out of control with two different algae (one looks like BGA) showing up fast on glass and wood. Any feedback help would be appreciated.

The Lights from above:




Algae 1


Algae 2


Moss not doing well at all:



Algae on Bolbitis:


General tank shots showing poor growth on most plants:














Apologies for the many pictures but I wanted you guys to try and get the best overview possible.

Looking forward to your feedback....
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems. I know how you feel. It sounds to me like your tank is lacking a nutrient, probably nitrogen. How much nitrate are you adding per week approximately? Blue green algae is a sign that your nitrate levels are too low.
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Hi thanks for your post.

I currently dose 10ml of Brightwells Aquatics Flouringro on alternate days.
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Well dont know what to do anymore on flow. I have a Ferplast Bluemec 1500 + Juwel Bio 1000, 2 Haquos Power Heads and a 1000l/hr pump which pumps the chilled water through. that should be enough flow right?
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Yeah that sounds like enough flow to me. I would try adding more nitrate to the tank, maybe try adding 20ml rather than 10ml.
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

I have two filters which are cleaned alternately once a month. So basically they get cleaned every two months.

Water change is 50% every Saturday.
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Is it possible that you could of made a mis calculation with your dosing? Do you know how much nitrate you are adding in a weeks dosing? You should be aiming at around 10ppm or more 3 times a week?
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

To be honest since I did not have similar problems before I have not gotten a test kit. Besides I do read a lot that most test kits arent that accurate. Maybe I should invest in one....
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

ok so tank volume is 350l. I add 10ml which is equivalent to 2 teaspoons every other day. I put this directly into the tank and do not mix it with water. What should I add in the calculator as amount of water to mix with?
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Nope the Nitrogen supplement Floringro is liquid.

EI I pre mix in water then add in liquid form.
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

How much potassium nitrate are you adding to your EI mix? If you add enough to that then you shouldn't need to supplement with another source of nitrogen?
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

66grms to 500ml.

I dose 35ml of EI three times a week.
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

The plant which currently seems happiest is the hygrophila corymbosa....
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Ok, well providing you are using proper potassium nitrate, then you should be adding about 8ppm per dose. I cant tell by your photos if the tank is heavily planted. If it is then I would add more nitrate.
Re: Whats wrong with my tank?

Thanks Matty how much would you increase to from the current 66grms on 500ml?