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What/who are you listening too?

at the moment the album of "mumford and sons" keeps playing in my playlist. great album and great band :D

great song and single:

Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man
My Mrs playing hell with the dog as she is trying to towel dry him after getting wet whilst out on a walk.

Ive been ripping CDs onto the computer for a couple of weeks done 449 only another 100 or so to go.
Been listening to World Party, Goodbye Jumbo what a great album that is.
Also the Waterboys, Fisherman's Blues.
Anybody downloaded Winamp Pro an alternative to Windows Media Player.
rawr said:
I'm really feeling Kings Of Leon recently, they're actually amazing.

A bit of Mettallica to get me going this morning.


Marina and the diamonds-hollywood, :shifty:
stuworrall said:
Ive been listening to a lot of zero7 recently. Theres such a mix of different styles/artists between the albums i never get bored of them.

Love Zero 7. I like the latest album, though it kinda got bad reviews.

I've been listening to a lot of Bat for Lashes. Slightly weird name for an interesting artist. She's got a great voice though :)
cant beat some good UFO. :)
walk on water is an awesome albumn. recommended massivley if you like rock.

my choices for last couple of weeks...

sigur ros
don caballero
dinosaur jr
lots of beatles
led zep
maps and atlases
billie holliday
louis armstrong
early jay-z
wu tang clan

recently got and enjoyed:
The bled - shade tree mechanics
Black mass - Black mass ep
Pissed jeans - N/A
Black listed
Rise and fall
Demon Hunter

There's been loads more but I can't think what without my Ipod.
Just found one of my old favorites
Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine.


hogan53 said:
Anybody downloaded Winamp Pro an alternative to Windows Media Player.

XBMC all the way for me :thumbup: It has replaced my DVD player, CD, radio, and WMP 8)

I have it on an old XBox hooked up to TV and hifi in my living room with and networked to my PC and internet as media sources.

Recent listening:
Nick Drake
Erykah Badu
Dame Shirley Bassey
The In Crowd (Northern Soul compilation)
The Who (Who's Next - Baba O'Riley)
Duke Ellington (Far East Suite)
Fela Kuti

- and (apprehensively) the sound of snowflakes falling on Kendal...
George Farmer said:
In contrast to my musical taste; Radio 4. Can't beat a nice bit of current affairs. The plays can be very good too.
:text-+1: All the radios in the house are permanently tuned to R4. Move round the house turning all on as I go, so the flow isn't interrupted - until The Archers comes on and it's a race round to switch 'em all off again!