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What size of KORALIA pump to get?


8 Mar 2009
I have a 180 liter tank and need some more flow on it I have two filters doing 1500 lph.I was thinking about the KORALIA 1 because I don't want too much flow but I want to get the plants swaying a bit more to get the CO2 and nutrients distributed better.
personaly, i'd get a number 2. on my 240 litre i've used 2 x no.2's currently got 1 running.

go with a 2, it's not as turbulent as people think.
hi ross,
i've got a 215 tank and was advised to get a 2 or 2x1's.see what others say though.
I have 2 nano's in a 48x15x18 along with Eheim 2128 and I don't think 2 koralia 1's would have been too much. Everything is wafting quite nicely right now but when things fill in a bit more maybe I'll regret not getting the bigger heads, I'm not 100% sure on that though.
I have gone with a 1 I dont want massive flow enough to get the plants wafting.