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What other hobby's do you have?


29 Mar 2011
What other hobby's do you have other then your tank/tank's
Mine are as followed
. Restoring old cars
.Modifiying 1/18 diecast models
. The odd bit of fishing now and then
1stgolf said:
What other hobby's do you have other then your tank/tank's
Mine are as followed
. Restoring old cars
.Modifiying 1/18 diecast models
. The odd bit of fishing now and then

Do you not play golf then 1stgolf :)

or is that VW related!

Fishing, Golf, and Hiking are my main hobbies.
Mountain biking and tinkering with cars this is my latest project
Sports - Football, basketball, tennis
Cars - I also restore cars.
Not building one currently as we have a new addition to the family.

Havent restored anything recently.
I just got mine through mot before my son arrived which was lucky only problem is I have not finished interior yet
Fly fishing and carp fishing for me......also getting the photography bug, although trying to fight this one off as it seems an expensive habit!!!
Nice car... A friend has a Triumph 1500 which he re-built to concorse standard when we were at school. Not sure what condition it's in now though.

My other hobbies are.... photography, electronics, amature radio, flying r/c model planes, hill walking, potholing...

Currently building a time machine to help fit them all in :)

Rgs, Mike.
Mines offloading with my land rover discovery/ range rover hybrid. Did the London 2 Brighton land rover run a few weekends ago for the first time and picked up an award as well. Get in. Cars called Barney and is going to painted purple and green ( after the dinosaur)

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I have a rather addictive nature when it comes to hobbies. I jump in head first with a "new thing" then get burnt out quickly and move onto something else. I'm sure there must be some super long medical term for it.

Currently I have my tanks to keep me busy, Photography, learning to play guitar and piano. I also make candles with the Mrs although that has kinda turned into a little sideline.

My most recent interest has come from my all time fascination with roller coasters. Now I want to start playing around with marble machines and rolling ball sculptures. I have stared ordering the bits to start making one of these.

Eventually, I would like to get around to having a crack at something on this kind of scale and maybe larger.

Carp fishing, which is insanely time consuming and expensive, imagine how pleased my missus was when she realised my new hobby the same!!!
Computers/general technology, shooting, woodwork, electronics, general house DIY and hatching "schemes"...

I'm also a full time carer for a lovely but utterly mentally deficient individual. (See avatar if you haven't got it yet...)
Im into emersed plants and I'm getting into plants with medicinal properties now. Im also into diy, anything I can make myself I will even if it costs the same as just buying from a shop. Im also into computers, fishing, kayaking, rugby, and stuffing my face full of food till I feel sick.