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what is a good Low plant for the front of the tank.


17 Oct 2008
Thelwall, Warrington
I am looking to replace the HC with another plant or a similar spec but thet dosent grow over its self and need as much maintance or need to be removed and replanted, something like a hair grass. some ideas would be apreciated.

e acicularis would probably be the plant if your after something that does not need a ton of attention. in my 120 MA scape i've trimmed it once in 4 months. it just gets denser and denser. if you wanted you could trim it once per month. I'm itching to try a grass foreground. 😀

other than that, everything else is higher maintenance.

maybe cryopt sp. parva. that'd look different for sure.

tenellus?....you could let it run riot for a while then give it a good old butchering.

marsilea could work to highlight areas, but i would like to see a carpet of the stuff.
i just want something i can just let go mad and grow then just trim it back!! i have been told you can onlt have hc for a limited amount of time and then have to replant it. i dont ming givving it a trim but i dont want to replant every 6 months that is just a pain!!

I have cryptocoryne wendtii growing as a foreground at the moment as higher carpet, looking fab. I s this too high for you? :?:
Mosses 😉 using it with a aluminium mesh you can create a nice carpet feel, if my latest attempt at HC fails that's what I will use next for a carpet in my main tank. Also just got the ideal moss for it also, something called Creeping Moss. And the best thing about it its very low tech, will only need a trim every 2-3 months, just make sure you have nice flow to it and also a very large number of shrimp in the tank to keep it clean.