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what causes new tank algae


30 Aug 2008
hi all

i have been led to believe that new tanks will
almost always get diatoms, is this true?

what causes this?

i am doing a new tank with an established external filter (that i can keep wet)
same setup more or less, just new glass and going to try akadama

im was going to keep some of the mature flourite sand,
to seed the tank along with filter mulm, them cap with akadama

will i still get the new tank syndrome?


thank aaron

any thoughts on how to keep ammonia in the filter
is it as simple as adding chemical ammonia

could i add mulm from my other external

could I in theory, run the filter in a bucket
recycling 20 litres of tank water and add a bit of mulm here and there

i had initially planned to replace the tank re-plant and rescape in one day
but I'm starting to feel the design will suffer under that sort of pressure!

i was going to put my stock in a 30 litre bucket and rescape as fast as i could
but ive organised a loan of a 55l tank to put my fauna in
while i set up the new tank


ammonia remover is like activated carbon, it is granules in media bags (you can buy it loose if you want) and you just put that in the filter.

Adding mulm is usually just done for the bacteria, rather than ammonia but I suppose you could do it.

Cant you just run the filter on the loaned tank because then there will be a source of ammonia from the fish?
hi ed

thanks for that, i never thought about a constant ammonia source, still learning!

i cant use my external on the temp tank
as the hoses and thermostat are more or less permanently built in the walls
behind my kitchen presses! long story!

the temp tank will be a little 54l juwel with the stock internal filter
could i fill it with the mature ceramic balls from my eheim,
(obviously, the temp tank will be setup before the other is taken down)

in this case (if i'm not mistaken) i have an instant cycled temp tank
and then when the new tank is set up, i just swap back the cycled media
thus bypassing any excess ammonia issue in my new tank

will this work?

yep that will work :thumbup:
using existing seeded media in a new filter is a tried and trusted technique to get a tank quickly established.
cheers matt

I thought it would work
but have made mistakes before!

So, bearing in mind i should have a more or less instant cycle

is there any point in putting mulm under my akadama,
is it a fert of sorts or is it used to kickstart the cycle through its ammonia?