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what bacopa is this ?

They look really alike - so if it's a trustworthy producer it's much more likely to be B. carolineana ! That's WAY most common sold one 😉
thanks mick . it came from large pet shop ( pets at home) which sell tropica plants .

yo-han , click the link for pic 🙂
The Bacopa you bought was probably emmersed growth Mark, it looks a little different after it's produced new growth.
If i remember correctly Carolinaina smells like lemons.
It smells heavily, yes .........but actually a lot of Bacoba's do.
If it's a Tropica produced pot it's defenitely the carolineana!!!
i couldnt smell it if i tried at the momnt , im stricken by man flu 🙂
Surprises me, actually - it smells heavily like something you'd be given by doctors prescription........ fx. for a flu (=eucalyptus/lemon -ish )
But you have to crush a leave, to really "appreciate" the full strength 😵
im going to have to try it out when my sense of smell returns :thumbup: