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What are some rare and pretty fish for a planted tank?

It's not confirmed yet, but the owner really liked the rio amaya pencilfish View attachment 220995
And the honey blue eye rainbowfish
View attachment 220996

Interesting - they’re not a Pencil I’ve come across before. They are tiny though - an inch long, same size as Marginatus (personally I think I prefer the marginatus colouration) - is your client going to be able to see them once they’re in the tank (especially given they hang out in the top 6 inches of water typically)?

Those Rainbows do look pretty too - I have a shoal of Neon Blue Eye rainbows, and they are beautiful little fish, I love they way they move too, like little Hummingbirds.

Not my picture, but mine have this exact colouration:

Those Rio Amaya pencilfish are from a pretty specialised habitat, black water, shallow fast flowing streams. I’m not sure how they’d fare in a large high tech planted tank.

Check out Below water on YouTube, Oliver has a video about these pencils and other fish from the same habitat.

For a while, my favourite rare fish has been Phenacogrammus aurantiacus (Blue Eyed Congo Tetra). They're relatively rare, beautiful and most definitely expensive!

If my current tank was bigger I'd get a big school of them.
Are they available in the uk at all? I've been looking for some rare African tetras to breed.