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We all love a bit of random tank!

9 Jun 2008
I've probably posted this tank several times in it's many forms, just something I've thrown together to keep me occupied whilst I plan stuff for my aquascaping tank. It's been setup like this since around January, but I've changed the layout slightly several times.

Lighting: 11w
Tank: 28l (around 30x30x30)
Ferts: 2ml TPN+ every other day
Flora: 2 x Narrow Java Fern (Andy and Dan, you might recognise these :p), 2 x Java Fern (Mark, you might recognise these :p), 2 x Anubias (Andy, again :p)
Fauna: 3 Dwarf Yellow Honey Gourami, 10 Ember Tetra, 2 Zebra Nerites (+ PEST SNAILS :twisted: )
Substrate: Argos Play Sand, TGM Graded Gravel

There's two filters in there, not sure on their rating but they keep the tank well circulated.

I've got some Crypts on the way from samc to fill out the areas either side of the Anubias. I might also swap the current stock for some CPD's in the near future.



Anyway, as I said it's not meant to be anything special, just something to keep me occupied for now. Just thought I'd post it for the sake of it! ;)

looks nice mate, maybe as a simple addition you could add some moss stones to the foreground?.....

now I'm not one for nitpicking but,......CLEAN THAT SAND! :lol:

good stuff Thomas, keep up the enthusiasm!
I am indeed thinking of adding some moss to the foreground, good idea. I was also thinking of getting some Cherry Shrimp, but might have to get rid of the Gouramis first.

:lol: The foreground isn't that dirty - most of that is fine gravel etc but it's just come out like that in the photo for some reason.

Thanks for the comments guys! :D