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WARNING!!!! re Circuital and fake links

Yep, just beat me to it, need a mod to delete these postings
It's bad even posting Spam all the site, but he evened sent me a message with the same link.

But i could do with some special V though. :lol: :rolleyes:
lol, you have to laugh at them and pity them becuase it is so sad. yeah 'they' have carpet bombed threads with the link.
its an aquascaping and planted tank forum.... why would you want to spam this?!?!?!?!???????? :rolleyes:
Have the posts gone? Please use the report functions (the triangle with the exclamation mark in it) above each message to flag up any spam and we will delete it as soon as we can and ban the user.
I took a Viagra once, but it got stuck in my throat. I had a stiff neck for a week. BOOM, BOOM, TCCCCHHHH! Thank you very much! :lol:

Maybe UKAPS should think seriously about sponsoring Circuital as a viagra dealer for the forum, this would solve two problems...

firstly, hopefully stop the site being spammed for Viagra.

and secondly, help a few of the more mature members, myself included. :lol:

and thirdly, we could get a group buy too.