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Journal Vertical Garden Projects

Love that last one! slice of nature for sure! :) great work as always

Thanks for following along!

Sorry to go off topic, but i am liking your gothic horror vibe we see peeks of. And chance of some more of that.

I would like to develop more of that to reinforce the old-time natural history idea.

I also have a more specific plan for a retro sci-fi aesthetic with a series of astrobiology-themed setups. So far I just have the Mars biotope terrarium and the unfinished thing in polycarbonate cylinders, but there are several more concepts in mind.


Quick cell phone pics update for the Edaphotron...

I didn't see them much through the winter, but now that the room is warmer the soil fauna is active again. The organic matter is refreshed with some new things. I thought they would go for the Turkey feathers first, but the Roaches, Isopods and Collembola all went for the Maple keys instead.

The room is apparently a bit cooler than the exterior wall where this is hung, so there is foggy condensation on the the front polycarb panel.