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Urgent!! Shrimp trapped in spraybar hole still alive


4 Nov 2012
right on a bit of a tricky one here, shrimp is trapped in one the holes in my spray bar, he's still alive but jammed half way through pics coming in a sec. Any ideas of how to free it?


Remove spray bar from tank, quickly use hacksaw to cut above and below shrimp, effectively taking a slice out of the spray bar, then very carefully use blade os sharp scissors to snip up to the hole the shrimp is stuck in. You will wreck your spray bar but could save the shrimp. Good luck.
cheers guys was willing to destroy the bar but it didn't come to that, tried pulling but too wriggly gave it a little push and it made it through phew!!
Great result. Now you just need to fatten the shrimp up, or crank up the filter so its impossible to swim against the flow 😉
It was odd, I think it must have happened as I switched the filter off and maybe there was some back suction that sucked it in. Can't see if anywhere now though 🙁 hopefully its alright
No idea sorry, what's the shrimp though? Pinto or tiger hybrid?