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urgent help needed please eheim 2236


27 Jun 2010
could anyone please tell me were i can get a new outer casing for a eheim 2236 as i somehow managed to crack mine today were the handle fits to it to about half way down the casing

any help would be greatly appreciated

also would i be able to dry it fully and silicone it with aquarium sealent and would that hold ????? as im stuck without it

thanks everyone :)
thanks mate thats a great help and for 25 pound thats not bad at all :)
If you silicon repair it for a temporary fix be aware silicon does not always take to plastic very well.

I was recommended by a acrylic aquarium manufacturer that for plastic/acrylic SIKAFLEX sealant was a better option!
IIRC you can get it from screwfix and places like that. Not expensive either and must be aquarium safe since it was recommended by a aquarium manufacturer for securing a background inside an aquarium.

Silicon or sikaflex must have plenty of time to 'set ' as well.

Just a thought.


lol thats the stuff they use for bonding fibreglass bodykits to cars lol

i can get loads for free and the stuff only takes 8 hours to set and is stronger than weld :)

i cant see it being aquarium saft though so i could leave the aquarium silicone on the inside and sikaflex the outside for strength and a seal :thumbup:
I have never used sikaflex myself but knew they used it in the car industry.
Here is a short exert from this webpage http://www.uksealants.co.uk/product.asp?idproduct=189

Applications for Sikaflex 11FC:

* Vertical and Horizontal Joint and Crack Sealing
* Cover Plates, Gaskets, Penetrations
* Duct Work and Ventilation
* Bonding Mouldings, Sills
* Window and Door Frames, Boards
* Bonding and Replacing Roof and Ceiling Tiles
* Caulking Between Panels, Partitions etc...
* Sealing of Reservoirs
* Liquid Containers, Tanks, Silos and Aquariums

Advantages and Benefits of Sikaflex 11FC:

* Excellent adhesion to most building materials
* Fast cure rate
* High durability
* Great weathering and water resistance
Seals and Bonds in one
* Suitable for potable water (Drinking Water)

So according to this sikaflex 11FC can be used on aquariums and drinking water containers. Dont know how reliable the source is though. So putting silicon on the inside would be the safest bet if your not sure.

Hope you get it sorted.


cheers mate

im guessing seems how its black that it must be what they use for black aquarium sealent :)