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Unknown algae


24 May 2015
Ey up

New to the forum, need some advice please

I have had my tank running since Christmas over 5 months
Co2, high light for roughly 6 hours air stone to break surface and dosing micro and macro nutrients plus root tabs.

Not sure what has happened but I have somehow ended up with this algae that I can't Identity and or get rid of.

It's deffo not BGA, I have had that in a previous tank and know all about that slimi shite! It's not hair like, more like light green clumps of fluff that sticks to hairgrass like sh*t and rocks but comes loose when fingered

I scoop up as much of it as I can and it comes back just has fast, the only other algae I have in the tank is green dust at the end of the week.

I have never had black beard algae , just putting it out there if that helps

Feed my fish granules n algae wafers.

Done test kits and have normal readings....

Please see pics attached


Can anybody help?


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Thanks Martin, filter is fine but my pipes are filthy so maybe that's it, thanks for that

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Macek, was there a conclusion to both the threads or a solution? I can't understand why this isn't classed as one of the handful of common Algae found on tank sites.

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