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UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

Themuleous said:
You've been keeping that one quite, Peter! Jaw dropping, it really is.


Thanks Sam, yeah Getting into trouble keeping things quiet!!

I wonder why the images are out of focus when they are posted on the board, click on them and they are ok, I havent come across that before, Im just direct linking them from photobucket with the
I love the look of E. vivipara. of course, when I used it it was next to some M. umbrosum. Now that is when it becomes high maintenance. :oops:

Nice flow to the wood, Zig.

After seeing such nice tanks I am almost embarased for posting mine, it wasn't last at least! .. :) but here it goes:

Green Starter

W: 20 x D: 20 x H: 20 (cm)
Dymax Acrylic

- Hydrocotyle Verticillata
- Staurogyne sp.
- Elocharis acicularis
- Fissidens Fontanus

- 5 Neocaridina Heteropoda (Cherry Shrimp)

Tropica aquacare plant substrate, toped with river sand

Inbuilt Dymax trickle plate, course mechanical filter and large foam for mechanical and biological filtration.

Two Dymax Robot LED clip on lights

Sera CO2 Tabs, 1 tab daily

George Farmer said:
Great aquascape, Peter! Congratulations on the ranking. :D

What focal length lens did you use, please?

Thanks George, The main shot was taken with a Nikon D70 with an old school Manual Focus Nikkor 24mm f/2.8s wideangle lens. Im about 2 foot away from the glass and get no distortion whatsoever. So I dont know exactly what the equivalent digital focal lense would be tbh. I have a few old style nikkor lenses that work with the nikon D70, I have a 20mm and a 36mm as well. You have to work out the exposures manually and no autofocus either, fine for static aquariums though.

One of these here.

Peter, that scape of yours is gorgeous! I shall crown thee the king of twigs. Your use of little twigs in your IAPLC2009 scape was really well done as well!

All in a tank 70cm long. It looked 90cm at least before I read the specs!
Themuleous said:
Never be embarrassed :) that's a lovely little tank, with healthy plants :)


Thanks.. I found out that keeping plants is the easy part of the hobby, but aquascaping is a learning process, and a steep learning curve for me. It's not easy. :)

So when people see some of the amazing tanks here, they may think that it is just a bunch of plants on a certain location, a couple of rocks and that's it.. :) Well, it isn't. :D

I am not preparing for the next IAPLC. Should climb a couple of places.
That's a shame London Dragon, get it back to its old glory. Your tank was one the 1st i see (on the lfkc site) and got me into this great hobby. It's a greaat tank
toadass said:
That's a shame London Dragon, get it back to its old glory. Your tank was one the 1st i see (on the lfkc site) and got me into this great hobby. It's a greaat tank
Thanks glad you like it, it has inspired a few people over the years and that has been worth it, I really need to rescape it haha its been going on for too long.
one day i got to get into these amazing planted tanks like these as they are just out of this world