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UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010, Germany

Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

Absolutely brilliant. Congratulations guys. You have done UKAPS proud :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :D :thumbup: :thumbup:

I'd like to post this up in the wants\swaps section....

[swap] spare plants for plane ticket to Germany

.... :lol:
Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

Wow George and Dan that's awesome news,not only does it say people are taking notice of ukaps in the Uk but on an international level too,and not only that but it's a
sure sign that you two guys are also being noticed as aquascapers of some note too,I'm sure you will come up with something stunning that will show the rest of Europe what Uk aquascapers are capable of,

regards john.
Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

Thanks, guys and girls!

We really appreciate all the lovely feedback.

And please do remember it's UKAPS as a Society that's been chosen too, not just Dan and I... So it's a big pat on the back for Team UKAPS! :clap:
Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

And from our point of view guys we are thrilled to see UKAPS represented on an international level......it was only a matter of time !

Best to everybody,

Jim,Mark and co.
Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

Well done guys, I can't think of any better men for the job :clap: :clap: .
This is indeed exciting news for UKaps as you will be hitting the international scene.

Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

What a fabulous opportunity and a great experience. Well deserved and I have no doubt that you'll do a first class job 8)
Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

Excellent.... the plans for world domination are underway ;)

Seriously though this is great news and while I probably wont be able to offer much to the aquascaping I'm definitely there on the support front! :thumbup: Loving the idea of a live feed and gabbly, would definitely be up for that.
Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

That's such a huge honour for you both! While you say it is UKAPS as a whole it is YOUR expertise in setting out a scape that they have requested! Congratulations to you both!! All the photo's I have seen of your "gardens" (albeit green eyed :lol: ) point to you being a great "ambassador" for the Uk planted aquarium scene..... even though some of us mere mortals are some way down the road behind you............................ and over the hill........... and round the bend and quite possibly left at the traffic lights too!

Well done to both :clap:

Fantastic that UKAPS is going to be represented, and even better that it was Tropica that invited you two.

Interzoo is closed to visitors, but a resourceful person can still go.

In order to go in one has to provide one of the following:
What documents are required as proof of eligibility?
Business registration document which clearly indicates that the company trades in goods exhibited at Interzoo
Extract from the commercial register which clearly indicates that the company trades in goods exhibited at Interzoo
Recent supplier invoices which clearly indicate that the company trades in goods exhibited at Interzoo
Employees can prove their eligibility with written confirmation from their employer on letterheaded paper stating that they are to visit the exhibition on behalf of the company
Students can prove their eligibility with a valid student’s identity card and a valid matriculation certificate
Personal written invitation from an exhibiting company
Admission vouchers supported by business registration document or informative official document

It is pretty straightforward to open a LTD company, and it can be closed afterwards with no penalty, the price I believe is £35.

So is anyone else going to the Interzoo?

I'm taking my camera so I'll be sure to take a load of shots to share.

I reckon nanos will be a big thing again, as well as loads of LED lighting. Lots of acrylic too.

Apparently the planted display tanks are amazing, and I can't wait to see our UKAPS/Tropica tank! :D

Graeme is there already and says it's awesome.

Me and Dan are flying out Friday evening.