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transition , or problem ?


27 Apr 2010
came home from work today , and noticed some of the tips of my L. aquatica seem to be suffering ,im thinking maybe transition , as it was only planted 2 days ago . 125L tank 2x24w t5 , eheim 2213 , 1400lph and 400 lph powerheads , ei dosing , drop checkers both nice and lime green ( 4dkh bromo blue ) up inline atomiser . lighting period 6 hours . spraybar and powerheads all on rear wall of tank , flowing towards front wall . ada amazonia substrate ( should be cycled ny now its been in there 5 or 6 weeks before plabting) , no livestock . anything to be worried about ?

aquatica by mark pettican, on Flickr
The areas you're pointing to don't look like the most recent growth. The growth at the top looks lovely and healthy, so I think you're onto a winner.
figured it might be the case , thanks for confirming it though . ive got a little bit of maintainence to do tonight , should i just trim it off ?
I'd trim an inch below the healthy new growth and replant it, stripping the lowest leaves to where the substrate will go up to.