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Feedback Top Quality Aquascaping Shop In the North East


6 Nov 2014
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Just got home from visiting this shop for the second time in a week. I only discovered it last week when I was passing for work, and all I can say is wow! 🤩

It’s a really great aquascaping shop, with everything you could possibly need. Really cool separate rooms, each with a theme, like hardscape, filters and equipment and also has with a really impressive two fish rooms. Also a really cool aquascape gallery too.

Full room dedicated to hardscape materials as well with mock up tanks of different sizes, weighing scales and calculators so you can scape away to your hearts content, and chose your hard scape.

Really friendly guys as well, and didn’t even get annoyed with me loitering about for absolutely AGES,whilst trying to decide between two Betta’s (that I never intended on buying in the first place 🙄) Oh well, second set up it is then 🙄.

I have to say I’m really impressed, and I’ll definitely be back here again! Can’t believe I’ve not seen loads of love to these guys written on UKAPs, so I thought I’d share some myself.

Really cool place and really cool guys in store. If you don’t go, you are missing out massively as an aquascaper! 😁


28 Jan 2021
Thank you so much for the kind words it really does mean a lot to us. We always wanted to create an experience and not just a shop. We are so happy that people are enjoying the store and we have a lot more up our sleeves :) thanks once again 👍
Can’t wait to get my tank and the rest of my goodies from you. Your advice has been invaluable