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Tom's Poco Pozo

Fry are now free swimming and have left the cave. Amazingly they haven't all been instantly predated. The female is doing an incredible job keeping everything else away so far. She's looking pretty skinny but I've started pippeting a mix of bloodworm, microworm and 5 micron golden pearls on top of them which is going down well without attracting attention from the other fish.


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Bravo, beautiful shot. Your water is so clear, it's hard to tell where emersed part ends and starts submersed. Really blends into each other.

Thanks! I'm hoping one or two of the surrounding stems will make it to the surface and grow emersed as well, which will really hlep the transition.

Looking good, could you show some more detail in how you planted?

It's uber basic. Everything is barerooted, just wedged into cracks in the wood or floating. The Myriophyllum has some sand as well filled in to the cracks to stop it floating off.
Hah, just came down for my usual cup of tea in front of the tank before work and spotted my male Farlowella with a clutch of precisely 50 eggs on the front glass. Which is awesome, although I have a suspicion they might be hybrids as I rather thought I didn't have any females that were the same species as him.
What are your water parameters and water change routine Tom?
Water changes are a bit erratic to be honest, probably about 30 per cent every couple of weeks on average. Rain water in winter, tap in summer. The rain water is actually harder than out the tap down here in Cornwall! 3kh vs less than 1.

I haven't checked the tank parameters in over 6 months, but it was about ph 6.6 and kh 1 from what I remember. Temp 24-26 depending on the weather. I did check the nitrates once out of curiosity and barely registered a trace thanks to the emergent plants.

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I really should have done a before shot! Best I can do is this ( from 3 months ago, the palm grass had nigh on doubled in size again since then) -

And after much faffing over the last 2 days -

It still needs to clear and I need a lot more plants to replace the ones that didn't grow so well in the dark but I'm pretty chuffed to be able to see beyond 12" deep!

Now that's a man cave!.. nice
Definitely hybrids... both parents are on the eggs now and although I can't remember my previous IDs they definitely have obviously different scute patterns. Bit of a shame but still going to give them a chance.

EDIT - maybe not. The third female I was never sure about an ID and she's hanging around a lot as well.
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That is a terrific shot :snaphappy: