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TMC mini 400 LED tile

This was a while ago. The same seller did put some more up recently so I bought another. You'll just need to keep an eye out.:watching:
I know some people suffered with the larger tiles 'whistling' but does anyone suffer the same issue with the 400? Just plugged mine in and it has a noticeable whistle until 100%
Probably won't notice it with the tv on but sure can hear it without.
If you mean the mini tile, then no, mine runs silently at any percentage and I have not heard of it being a problem with the minis.
I suppose when the TV's not on you could listen to music;)
Both my mini400 and my Grobeam600 are completely silent dimmed all the way to 1% except the 600 doesn't illuminate at 1% (unlike the tiles you can't have it work as a moonlight @ 1%), the 1500Ultima whined like mad anywhere below 100% (was sent back to be rectified). I'm on the 8-way controller btw.
Thanks for the replies, thought i hadnt heard of anyone suffering the issues with the mini 400 :confused::mad:..... seems i may have a dud, ill run it a few days to see if anything changes. Im running it with the 2 way controller.
Whistling continues, its being returned and sent back to tmc for investigation......i have to wait the outcome, either repair or replace.
Also how hot do they run on the top. Im guessing the rail acts as a heat sink? but my mountaray bracket is very hot which im guessing is also suspicious.
Hello All,

Just a quick query that didn't seem to warrant its own thread.

I have a Dennerle 60l cube that is 43cm tall. Low tech - Anubias / Java Fern mainly - Nothing "fancy" :)

We have two of these tanks and are finding the bulbs expensive (£16) and awkward to source in the UK

The current lights are 2x 11w

I am looking at this light as it seems good value and well spoken of.

Don't want to spend much but happy to buy once and be happy.

Just unsure if it's suitable for a "large" tank as mainly a nano LED?

Any feedback would be great!

Many thanks :)

I had this light on the same tank. It is perfectly powerful enough, if not too powerful, so a TMC controller is a must.

Mine worked well until it went for 'a swim'.

I would consider the Dennerle LEDs that are available now. On a 60l cube, 2 or even only one could be great with your low light plants.

Thank you for your assistance pepedopolous!

I think I shall order a tile mid week.

Hard to justify buying 4 bulbs over two tanks - for nigh on £72 every year.

Not sure I can afford the controller but will see how it goes and adapt accordingly.

Thanks again,