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The tank I could not resist in buying


3 Dec 2008
brisbane Australia
A few weeks back my local pet store had a sale not wanting to buy any thing in particular but just to have a sticky beak i went along . Anyway to cut the story short they had a Aquaone Eurostyle 120 bay tank with built in lighting + cabinet + 1500 lph canister + 300wt heater reduced from $1400 to $759 with a further reduction of 20% total cost $597 for that night only . After a quick word with her in doors (love her) the old credit card took a battering and I now own 1200x480x600 aquarium package and the old aqua one 980 is being replaced in the office

Now the one condition that the tank swap was agreed to was that it had to be done in a week end so that come monday the office would be a office and not a tank demolition yard. So with the help of my oldest son we made a start early saturday morning. By Sunday after noon it was just about in and finished (apart from all the fun bits like getting the aquascaping right and stocking with fish)

late saturday afternoon substrate in and filling by this time the old tank had been cleaned Thanks to the lad and put in the garage ready to be sold on Ebay

the above photos were taken on saturday afternoon after the 980 had been decomitioned and the new set up was in place The light fitting in the picture is not the one that came with the tanks I've dispensed with that and refitted the existing unit I used with the 980

I decided to use the existing canister filter from the 980 (1500 lph)as it was plenty big enough and allready matured and i used the original substrate lightly washed with tank water and a fresh layer of fine gravel on top. I was suprised how clear the water was when I refilled it. The 980 had a heap of plants in it

and as I had no spare tanks to put them in they are roughly put into the new set up untill I can catch my breath and decide
how I like the new set up to look

Considering it was a rush job I quite like the hardscape with the twisted broken roots the aponogetons at the back and the blyxa mid ground ,the stems are a bit hows yer father at the moment and need a bit more planning out but thats the fun part of aquascaping


Will up date post when the tank matures a bit .I'm just hoping that I dont have the initial algae problems as bad as I did with the original 980

Tank specs
1kg co2 tank with aquamedics reg operating at 3bps
DIY defuser .a modified 600lph in tank filter which breaks up the co2 into a very fine mist
DIY substrate covered with 5cm of 3mm gravel
Suspended 8 39 wt tube T5 floresent fitting
1500 lph canister filter with built in uv lamp
Nice looking tank Easty :)

For a quick scape, it sure looks great.
Very nice. I like the bubble wrap idea for filling the tank.

Its been three weeks today that the tank was changed over and apart from a bit of hair algae its looking great the stem plants are growing madly and after a bit of a set back the blyxa japonica is greening up and doing well ,I've opened the center up by removing some japonica and planting some low growing crypts and tonina belem in their place


I've got a shoal of about 50 neons ,I always buy more than i need because I usually lose about 10% to 20% of the small neons in the first few days but not this time all the little bu##ers survived
15 rummy nosed tets
6 panda corries
4 similis corries
4 julii corries
4 otos
30 cherry red shrimps

The neons tend not to shoal (to many of them)but the rummies stay in a tight shoal and just look great with thier bright red noses and striped tail as they patrol the mid water areas .I got the otos to keep the algae down a bit but to be honest the cherries seem to be doing a better job.The stems do need sorting out a bit (trimming and shaping)but I'm giving them a bit of time to settle in before I start to hack into them.Any way so far so good no major problems
Hi Easty1,

welcome to ukaps,
lovely setup my friend,do you get much work done or do you stare at it most of the time, :lol:

regards john.
I like the multi colour look but in the fish house I have a discus grow on tank which is very one type plant set up and I think it has its own type of charm

Well its been two months to the day that I set up the tank ,I've had the normal battles with algae and I've still got problems with thread algae but apart from that the plants are thriving. The blyxa is going mental I'm thinning out at least one a fortnight the cryps originally melted but have grown back strongly .i've now have 30 or more cheery shrimps to help keep the thread algea at bay and they seem to be doing a reasonable job





Sorry for the quality of the photos my main camera refuses to work at the moment
Wow, looking great Easty! I particularly like the bush of blyxa!

Hopefully the crypts will fill out in the middle, it looks a little bare behind the carpet at the front from that first photo, but time will sort that, I'm sure :)

Must be nice to look at of an evening!