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The Next Episode - 800 litres

Tank 99% done, just the front brace to add tomorrow. Can't say it was an enjoyable job but it's all about the end result :thumbup:

Thanks for the comments guys, this is probably my favourite layout up to now. I'll try a few more though before making the final decision.

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I have a new plan for the lighting :D

I'm going to use these:


with these:


I'll mount them in some channel sprayed black. I'll use two or three rows all on different circuits so I can set each one with its own timer.

I'm going to order them this evening so if anyone can see a problem I've missed or has any thoughts, please let me know ASAP :thumbup:

Brilliant cheers foxfish. I'll go and have a look round for some blues and reds.

I was thinking 3 rails of 3. Not really sure if that would be enough without seeing them in place though. If I put too many in I can always just remove a bulb, so I'm probably better going for 3x4 or even 3x5. I can always use a dimmer as well.

I'll have a sit down in a minute and work out what's what, see where I can squeeze a few colours in. How many do you reckon?


Edit: Will a couple of red/blue combined work ok? Like the LED grow lights you can buy?
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Quick phone pic update just to show this is actually still going. Work, life, Christmas blah blah blah :banghead: :D

Still quite a way to go, tidy the silicone, leak testing, front panels etc etc but sorted the lights. They're silly bright, (drivers only 100w max though!?!) but I have a way around this and also DIY'ed a posh looking stand/hanger type thing which still needs finishing. They're 5.5k so not ideal but they'll do :)

I'll get all the specs up in the new year, but in the mean time, Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have a good one :thumbup:

Haha cheers mate. You've given me ideas for a proper name anyway :D

I prefer it how it was but the right hand side is annoying me :(

Edit: In fact looking at that last pic, it looks pretty terrible :D

I'm struggling in my head how I would plant the right hand side up if I left it alone, unless anyone has any ideas??

I'll leave the other pieces, you can only really see one in the pic, but they give it a lot more depth.
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Cool layout. I like how you break monotonic pattern with different height of spikes. What is your plan re plants?

Thanks :thumbup: It's as near as I'm going to get to what i had in my head anyway.

It looks a lot better in RL as well. I'm struggling to get the depth across in the pics, I tried with the 2 photos at an angle but still doesn't show it. From front to back the wood is 20", it looks nowhere near this in the photos. Hopefully when it's planted up you should see it a bit better.

RE plants, due to the size I want to keep it pretty simple really. Although I do have a carpet of MC in my current tank I'm going to add, just to see how it goes.

List of current plants ready to go in:

Monte Carlo
Java Fern/Java Fern Narrow
Java Moss
Echinodorus rose
Echinodorus bleheri
Echinodorus radicans
Echinodorus tricolour
Echinodorus xinguensi
Echinodurus cordifolius
Echinodorus Tenellus
Echinodurus Ozelot - Struggling
Echinodurus Harbich
Echinodorus red devil
Echinodorus green flame
Echinodorus martii
Echinodorus uraguayensis
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