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Sundanio axelrodi questions. diseased new fish.


23 Nov 2008
Edinburgh / Dunbar - Scotland
I was finally able to trade some of my scarlet badis for 9 sundanio axelrodi. I got nine sundanio, 6 females and 3 males, but one of the males was clearly diseased and passed away within 24 hours. It was suffering from fin rot on the tail fin and 3 small white masses were evident on its body, one on the side, one next to an eye and the other next to the gills. I do not believe this was white spot as they weren't uniformly round and the one present on the side of the body appeared to extend out from the body almost trailing as the fish swam. Being so small and fast moving it was hard to inspect closely before it passed but whatever the white masses were the one on the side that seemed to protrude the most almost looked slightly filamentous leading me to suspect a bacterial or fungal infection but it may also have been some kind of parasite. the fish was clearly in a bad way and wasn't schooling with the others so I wasn't surprised that it passed very quickly but now my question is what the best course of action for maintaining the health of the other fish would be?
Although I've had success breeding scarlet badis recently I have vastly more experience with plants, reptiles and amphibians than I do with fish. The other 8 all appear to be in good health, they are showing nice colour now they're settled into a quarantine tank and are all feeding well on moina. None of them are showing any visible signs of disease or stress. I ordered some esha 2000 with special delivery to try and treat the diseased male but sadly he passed so quickly there was nothing I could do for him. Obviously I regret not anticipating this and having the medication on hand prior to receiving the fish but now I'm wondering if I should pre emptively treat the other 8 or monitor them closely to see whether they develop symptoms first? Esha 2000 seems like pretty strong stuff and my instinct is that I probably shouldn't unnecessarily expose potentially healthy, and notoriously delicate, fish unless they begin showing signs of disease and that it would be preferable to monitor them in a clean blackwater environment with low light for a period first but maybe I'm being over cautious?
I would be very grateful for any advice from more experienced fish keepers.
Also if anybody is keeping or has kept this fish I'd be interested to hear about your experience with them. I know to provide lower levels of filtered light, soft acidic water and gentle flow. Has anyone noticed any particularly favoured or useful small foods for them? They seem very happy with moina but I will begin offering them micro worms too and finely crushed flake food. I haven't come across any reports of breeding in the aquarium but I assume the process would be much the same as for Boraras species?