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Stu's ADA Mini M nano - Seiryu scape

Stu Worrall

Global Moderator
7 Sep 2008
Flintshire, North Wales
Hi All. Long time no scape!

As the wedding season has now tailed off I decided to re-do my nano with some seiryu Ive had for a few years but never used.


Tank: ADA Cube Garden Mini M - 36x22x26cm / 5mm optiwhite glass
Hardscape: Seiryu Stone
Co2: Pressurised via Do!Aqua Music Glass - Mini 10D, Music Counter and ADA grey parts set
Lighting: ADA Mini-M - Solar 27W light
Filtration: Fluval 205 external to
Outlet - Cal Aqua Nano outlet
Inlet - Do!Aqua Violet Glass mini MV-1 13D
Heating: None as its in a centrally heated room.
Substrate: ADA Power Sand Special topped with a mix of new and recycled ADA Amazonia - Penac P & W and tourmaline for good measure (yes i know its not needed but i might as well use what I have!)
Ferts per day: TPN + and Brighty K then EI to follow when I run out of TPN
Critters: Red Cherry Shrimp, fish undecided yet
plants to include - fissidens, 1-2 grow HC, hairgrass mini, hydro sp japan, amania SP bonsai.

Here's the tank stripped down, cleaned then had the powders and power sand added. removed from the edges so it doesnt show then covered with amazonia

ada mini m 1 by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

Initial hardscape then added another and wetted as I wasn't happy with the back left. There are 5 stones in there and the big stone is actually made up of 2 which slotted together nice

ada mini m 2 by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

Planting of the grass and HC started. Really love the mini grass out of the 1-2 grow as its so much easier to cut sections than with rock wool. I didn't do too well with the HC though. I bought tow pots and they stayed in the same place waiting to go in but one changed colout to an off green and the other was ok. When they went into the tank you could see the difference and the upshot is that the off green has melted and the other is doing fine :(

ada mini m 3 by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

Planted up and running. I decided to grade my amazonia so the bottom layer is sieved big particles then the top is what was left over plus powder.

ada mini m 4 by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

Its had two water changes since but im having to keep the flow real slow otherwise it blasts away the slope on the left!
Cracking hardscape! I'm sure this will be a top scape, Stu!

Is the seiryu stone, affecting the kH a lot? Have you got any observations?

Thanks all, sorry for the late reply but dont seem to be getting emails through from ukaps

Gary Nelson said:
A great display, it's going to look fab when it fills in.... Good luck at aquatics live too mate :thumbup:
Thanks Gary. hope to see you there too this year if you're going.

jackrythm said:
Cool rock formation!

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Ta Jack :)
Antoni said:
Cracking hardscape! I'm sure this will be a top scape, Stu!

Is the seiryu stone, affecting the kH a lot? Have you got any observations?

Not sure on the KH as I dont measure my water but you can bet it will be increasing it a bit. Its getting 2 day water changes at the moment so will be back to tap water levels every time its changed.
The tank had its first trim last night. The stems at the back had reached the surface so theyve been chopped and re-planted. also some of the HC was starting to rise and some was creeping so the rising stuf has been chopped. The tnak has been getting 2 day water changes at the moment and fingers crossed no signs of algae yet. will take a pic tonight for an update
This is a very bold scape. It looks 'odd' to have the rock sticking out like that, but this makes the layout unique. I think people should worry less about what looks natural and rather focus on what looks interesting.
That looks great Stu - I love Seiryu scapes.

if only they were inert :(

Thanks for sharing.
a couple of weeks growth. algae seems to be kept at bay apart from some i removed from the glass. Its had one trim and is now due another to keep the HC low.

Ive also added from endler guppies from TGM at the request of my daughter as Ive been promising her some fish for ages! also popped a few cherry shrimps in too.

ADA mini m by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr
it had a big trim. Had some algae creeping in after I didnt get around to doing a water change for a week and a half but its back on track now. Started trying to use the seachem ferts on it but its super hard to work out on a 20L when 7ml will do 270l !!

some updates on the growth at 6 weeks. oh and I got a macro lens :D

ADA Mini M Nano - 6 Weeks Growth by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

Red Cherry

ADA Mini M Nano - Red Cherry Shrimp by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

some stone and Mini SP Hairgrass

ADA Mini M Nano - Seiryu by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

Ammania SP Bonsai

ADA Mini M Nano - Amania SP Bonsai by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

ADA Mini M Nano - Cherry Shrimp by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

An example of the substrate, course at the bottom for water flow and fine at the to for planting

ADA Mini M Nano - Substrate Example by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr

A bubble next to some HC and a new plant from Tropica - Ludwigia Palustris

ADA Mini M Nano - Bubble in HC by Stu Worrall Photography, on Flickr
Looking good, Stu.

Regards, Dave
Cheers Stu, how you find the Solar Mini? In the past when i used i found it to be very powerful above this small tank. So i had kind of a continous battle to keep up the balance. Of course the small tank size not helped at all :) Seems like you also have similar issues, but i would be appreciate to hear your thoughts on it.
Cheers both. Yes I do find the Solar Mini a bit too bright Viktor, especially when youve got a low plant mass in there. Ive been keeping on top of this one by regular water changes but I have thought of designing a difuser that will cut down the light and let the heat out as it will make my life a bit easier!