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Struggling to get riccia to cling to mesh


18 Apr 2012
I'm maturing a large riccia carpet in a low tech tank. The plant is happy as anything, growing at a rapid rate and showing good colour. I'm struggling though with some bits not staying attached to the mesh. I keep it trimmed weekly, so I wouldn't expect there to be issues with it dying off under the mesh, but are there any other possible reasons for this behaviour?
I'd be surprised if you ever got riccia to actually attach to anything, growing under water. It's by nature floating, we just force it to grow that way. I've never seen or heard of riccia attaching, growing under water - not eaven in it's "heavy" (sinking) form.
A riccia-carpet recuires constant trimming and tie-down, to maintain healthy..........
Thought I'd get away with mesh :(. Guess I'll have to do the ever popular java Moss then! Or maybe fissidens....
There was a seller on ebay who was selling Riccia and mesh ( Cant send the link as ebay.co.uk is down)

He took normal flat mesh and a pair of pliers and turned it into what looked like an upside down shopping basket. Then bunged the Riccia in there turned it upside down and placed it in the fish tank.

It kinda looked like this:


Because the Riccia wants to float it just grew through the holes in the mesh - Not sure if 2mm is to thin?

Hope it helps.

Mine started like that and has grown really well, but above the mesh it's just becoming detached.
Wouldn't it be nice if riccia would behave itself. I find its still cropping up in amongst the moss here and there after clearing it out and replacing with moss, I just let it carry on as its quite a attractive plant.....when its not flying around the tank.:)