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Stopping redmoor from floating


20 Dec 2008
North Yorkshire

I've found a layout I am happy with (finally :lol: ), and it is basically redmoor "branches" rooted into the substrate. I need a way of holding the branches in place so they won't float. Soaking them isn't really an option, because I would like to set up the tank soon, but because they are just single branches and not attached to a stump, would they soak quicker than normal? I would be happy waiting for 3 weeks max if this would work, but if it is going to take over a month say, I would rather use a differnet method.

I would appreciatte any thoughts on the soaking and any other ideas people have :)

boiling will help to a certain degree in my experience or siliconing them to pebbles or slate.
Supposedly soaking wood in a solution of baking soda speeds up the process of making it sink.

Lead is fish safe, just don't drink your tank water. :lol:

I wouldn't worry about adding lead to the water system either as there are still houses out there with lead piping in them.
Sorry for the late reply guys :oops:

Thanks for all the ideas, I think I am going to try boiling it to make it sink. Only thing is though, the box I am going to use to boil the wood in, is plastic. Will it melt when i pour boiling water from the kettle in?