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Solenoid Verification Procedure


26 Aug 2018
Hopefully this helps someone. If your solenoid is not shutting off flow when turned off, it is most likely caused by dirt from the CO2 cylinder becoming lodged on the inside of the orifice or maybe the top of the plunger. In such a situation, when the solenoid is in the OFF position, the dirt will prevent the plunger from closing the gas flow entirely, and you will still see some bubbles in the bubble counter.

To clean the solenoid, please follow the DIY steps from the tutorial below.

  1. Disconnect the regulator from the cylinder, Release all gas from the regulator (both gauges on 0)
  2. Remove the electric coil from the solenoid.
  3. For solenoids with two screws, remove the electric coil from the solenoid using a small screwdriver. If you have a solenoid with the 13mm plunger housing, you will require a 13mm wrench to remove the plunger housing.
  4. Inside the solenoid, spring (C) is attached to the plunger (B). Please ensure the rubber part at the end plunger is clean and flat.
  5. Check the orifice(A) if it is not blocked with dirt or small debris.
  6. Stretch the spring(C) to be around 0.5cm longer.
  7. Take a photo of the plunger head and orifice incase you need to contact our support team on support@co2art.eu
  8. Assemble all parts back together, and make sure all connections are tight as initially.
  9. Check for leaks with soapy water.
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Solenoid Verification Procedure.png
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