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Shrimp Breeding Factory


8 Nov 2022
Hello all,
As some of you know I have red cherry shrimp in 3000 Liter High Tech Planted Tank. The problem is there are a lot of fish in here. Although all of the fish are small mouthed fish I am aware there is no such thing as shrimplet safe fish. Because of this I am sure the population growth of the shrimps in the tank is going to be very slow (recently it has picked up because I eradicated the planaria in the tank). To solve this issue I made a separate tank where I can breed shrimp to supplement the main tank with shrimp.

The goal is to eventually begin harvesting adult shrimp (close to adult) from the breeding tank once a week to add to the display. Now what I am trying to figure out is what population of shrimps I need in the breeding tank to where I can begin harvesting shrimps regularly, I am thinking harvesting 25 per week. I have been trying to do a little bit of math to calculate this number but I have probably been overthinking it and I figured it is best to ask those of you with experience breeding cherry shrimp and regularly removing shrimps from the tank. At what population of shrimps have you guys began to remove shrimps regularly without it impacting the total population? I know breeding rates vary on a lot of factors but just trying to get an estimate assuming conditions are optimal.

Here was my logic that got me to 885 total shrimp needed. Its very simplified but I figured it could be a close enough estimate.
Goal: Harvest 25 adult shrimps per week indefinitely

Females carry 20 eggs

Eggs take 5 weeks to hatch

Worst case survival rate (eggs to adults) 50%

Time till shrimp reach sexual maturity 20 weeks

Berried Shrimp Per 20 Shrimp 1 berried female per 20 shrimp

1 berried female = 10 shrimplets
1 berried female happens every 20 adults

Shrimps only generate fry every 5 weeks because hatch time

In 5 weeks we harvest 125 adults so we need 125 fry generated

125 fry/10 = 13 berried females
13 berried females x 20 adults = 260 adults

But we need adults so we need to wait 20 weeks for fry to become ready to harvest. We cannot begin harvesting at 260 as all adults will run out in 10 weeks.

In 20 weeks we have 4 batches generated = 4 batches x 125 fry = 500 fry in 20 weeks. 260 initial adults + 125 new adults from first batch = 385 adults. Total shrimp : 885

In another 5 weeks batch 2 will be breeding adults, so 385 total adults - 125 harvested adults = 260 adults. 260 adults + 125 batch 2 adults = 385 adults + 500 fry at different stages