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Rise of the Mossoliths

Your dead right Garuf, just so busy at the moment the tank is being allowed to take on a more jungle theme. A junior member of my team is supervising the tank for now :lol:

Just a little update on the big tank 'o' moss. The mossoliths have done their job but I'm still not quite happy with the hardscape. I will soon be taking out the two big rocks to be replaced by more moss covered redmoore roots. Going to try some more leafy stuff like java java fern and anubias. Also I'm trying to re-establish the glosso and HC carpet at the front. There are a few patches that have grown from leftover plantlets. Thoughts welcolmed , Tom




Flame 'o' Lith

Surviving HC
wow the p.helferi is stunning, did you add any more from the origional pics or have you just taken cuttings and replanted because there is so much more now. congrats on a very successful and beautifull tank! :thumbup:
Thanks for the comments :D. As ever this tank has been a learning experiance, so I hope to take foreward the lessons to the next scape. Thanks for the tips on pruning - I'm always pained to hack healthy plants but they do come back thicker and better. Yes, glenn the PH is just been trimmed and replanted several times, which seems to make it bushier.

I was also pained to remove my bit load of Christmas moss - in the end only one kind of moss looks better. I'm still not sure what the moss I've got is, definatley not weeping moss, maybe willow moss?


A last look at the mossy valley.



Thanks - Tom
TBRO said:
maybe willow moss?
Willow is not for sure, willow moss looks totally different from standard mosses, it looks like Xmas moss to me though!
Tank look awesome :)