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Journal Reviving my Low Tech


15 Apr 2018
Hello everyone,

After a few months of thinking, I have decided that it is about time I fully dedicate myself to revive my 180l Juwel tank. I have kept the tank as is, usually just changing the rocks around and replanting the tank, but I do think it is time for general cleaning, re-scaping and actually try my best on making it look nice (not my strength 😅)

After losing 2 fish in the last weeks and the ultra accumulation of BBA, this is it!!! hehe It would be great if I could count on the help of some of you in my journey.

The problem I had was that my tank had a very small amount of plants - I presume. This made BBA grow like tomorrow was not coming, and right now, all my dragon rocks are covered in it. I performed tests using the API master test kit and it all seemed normal, so I presume at that time I had too much light, low plants and wasn't dosing any minerals for the plants.

Tank Specs
Juwel Rio 180l
Light MultiLux LED | Kelvin 9000/6500 | Lumen 5290 | ON for 7h/day
Juwel Ecoflow 1000l/h
Filter Bioflow M Original
Temp - 24-26c (30/32 These last super hot days)
Water - Typical London Hard water
Fertilization - EI Method
CO2 - I use liquid CO2 Easy Carbo 5ml 6 days a week.

Alternanthera cardinalis
Staurogyne repens
Echinodorus Harbich
Lobelia cardinalis
Elodea densa (Anacharis)
Amazon Sword
Cyperus Helferi
Microsorum pteropus Java Fern

Amano Shrimp - 5
Cherry shrimp - colony
Golden Gourami - 3
Molly - 1
Zebra danio - 6

Now, the transformation will start by cycling the new soil - Tropica soil - in my 32L empty tank. Once that is cycled - I will wait around 30 days - I will put it in a bucket, safely remove all fish and plants from the tank into the empty tank and start cleaning the whole tank. I will be boiling the rocks so the BBA can be removed easily.
Once my tank is all cleaned, I will add the new soil into the old one and start scaping.

I have some plants that I do not want to keep in this scape and will be putting in the small tank that can be used as a medical tank.
aquario_plantado_aquapaisagismo_15.jpeg planted-aquarium-rocks-35727947.jpeg valley_of_colors1_03052015_900_rszt15051c566.jpeg
These are some ideas of what I would like to do. I really like the 'valley'/mountain type it can create with a path in the middle.

In terms of plants, I am thinking of the below:

Alternanthera cardinalis
Staurogyne repens
Echinodorus Harbich (maybe)
Lobelia cardinalis (maybe)
Amazon Sword (maybe)
Microsorum pteropus Java Fern
Rotala Vietnam H'ra
Hygrophila Siamensis 53B
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (as carpet maybe)

My biggest challenge will be to work on a way to maintain low algae and that I can clean it easy as right now, it is very difficult to clean at the back due to the accumulated algae. Below are pictures of my tank at the moment, something to be ashamed of 😓😓😓 (I will add more tomorrow as these are the ones I have on the phone)
IMG_7823.JPG IMG_7824 2.JPG PHOTO-2021-06-07-14-21-31.jpg PHOTO-2021-06-07-14-21-41.jpg
Wish me luck this time on my re scape 😁😁

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