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Restoring an old forge - Photos.

I'm not quite up to your level yet Steve, usually stick to aperture priority mode, usually serves me well enough.
Always shoot in RAW tho, adjust levels/wb etc in Digital Photo Professional, the into PS Elements to crop, add frame/signature etc.
I found that the 2006 version seemed to have lost some functionality, and just didn't give you as much freedom. It may also be that they changed how stuff works a bit and I haven't figured it out. I now make sure I have several copies of 2005 installation files, as I can never seem to find it for download anymore :(

I can make it available if you want it mate :)
SteveUK said:
I can make it available if you want it mate :)
I never shoot in RAW and I guess I should really, if you can send it to me I would appreciate that, thanks :)
I never shoot in RAW, in fact I have never tried it, maybe I should. I try now to concentrate more on the composition and the idea behind the picture rather than the technical bits, but I'm like that with everything :D

I liked reading Clives comments too, a lot of the time when people give you feedback on your work they never really give you a proper opinion but he's gone right in there. It's also beneficial for everyone.

For my part I really liked your images. ;)