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Request for feedback on stocking of large tank: tank 1 10x4x22 (ft,ft,inch) ~approx 550 gallon


13 Mar 2021
I'm setting up a pair of large aquariums in 8 months. I've reviewed the stocking but would like some additional feedback. This thread is for tank 1 which is 10ft long 4ft wide and 22 inches high (sorry for weird dimensions but i am from USA). The height is limited since they will be freshwater planted and i have short arms. Trying to reach the mid point of a 4 foot wide aquarium means i have to limit the height.
The target water condition is gh 2-3 kh 1-2 tds 50-70 target temp is 78:
My current though on stocking:
10 clown loaches
20 zebra loaches
6 yoyo loaches (these are left over but no new ones will be added)
4-6 kubotai Xinguensis
8 mesonauta festivus
maybe 6 Chilodus punctatus
maybe 2 Hypselecara temporalis
30 serpae tetra
4 to 8 pleco (L204, L397,L95,L177,L081)
The maybe depend a bit on feedback. On the one hand the tank has a lot of room on the other i'm thinking of quite a few cichild. Not too concern with the loach interaction as they ignore my breeding angels - though they are only 6 inches now maybe it will be different when they are 9 or 10.


5 May 2011
What are your plans for plants? I'm not sure how compatible clown loaches and plants are - I've a feeling they like to snack on them but I haven't any personal experience.