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purigen and potassium permanganate

Hi all,
as a filter mass I have the original JBL masses. so ceramic noodles and blue foam.
Is the filter really full of media? and do you know what PPI value the blue foam is? Is it the <"15 PPI one">?
Final question, what does the filter media look like when you clean it?

cheers Darrel
yes it's 15ppi, when I clean it's pretty clean. I've never had a clogged filter. I followed the advice above to lower the temperature. I went from 26°C to 23° VS
Here are the results of my water tests.
the cyanobacteria has been in decline for some days. I read on another forum that the jbl manado was increasing the GH.
since the regression of cyanobacteria, my aquarium water has become cloudy and green.

je viens vous donner des nouvelles, les cyanobactéries diminuent de jour en jour.
j'effectue des changements d'eau réguliers + ajout de bactérie microbe lift.
je suis en train de baisser le ph est cela semble aider contre les cyanobactéries.
je vais essayer de poster plus régulièrement.
mmerci à vous