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Problem with Cuba plant on dry start method


New Member
1 Aug 2021
Hey everyone.

About one week ago I started preparing my 200ltr tank setup by buying some monte carlo and Cuba plants to do a dry start with since I'll buy a co2 tank later and I wanted my plants to anchor themselves to the substrate since I've heard that the specific one I'm using is flourite and plants tend to easily float on that one... Anyways about 2 days after first planting the Cuba plants I noticed that most of them became mostly white where they touched the substrate but they were as green as before on top... Currently some of them have kind of recovered but a small number of patches remain really white... My Monte Carlo plants are looking perfectly healthy btw and most of them anchored themselves on the substrate too... Also I'm misting my plants once a day with dechlorinated water and some drops of macro and micro ferts... I have attached a pic of 2 of the white batches in question

Many thanks for any advice!


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