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Pressure regulator adapter

Platinum Tiger

New Member
1 Aug 2022
Hampshire UK
I have a Dennerle Carbo start pressure regulator which I had on the disposable cylinders. I have since been given a co2 fire extinguisher and I bought an adapter which would accommodate the regulator thread size.
I got the Aqua-noa one-way M10x1.25 to refillable, thinking it would be the correct one.
I’ve set it up and zip tied the grips together but no co2 flow ☹️
I can expel gas through the adapter but not when I connect the regulator even fully open.
Maybe I have the wrong adapter?
Can anyone point me in the right direction to an adapter that will send gas through the regulator?
I have attached a pic of the said adapter and regulator attached to the FE
Im hoping it is a case of getting the right fittings rather than needing a whole new regulator as space above the height of the FE grips is pretty much zero.
Thanks for reading


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