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Potential toxic water to cats from peace lily growing emersed?


15 Aug 2020
East Sussex
Hi all, a bit of an obscure question but i have set up a small paludarium style tank on my desk, and have peace lilies growing at the back which i have just rooted on top of lava rock. My question is, if my cat drunk out of the tank, could there be any harm potentially done? I am assuming no, because it's only the roots, but i want to make sure as i can just take them out. thank you!


24 Dec 2014
This is a more comprehensive discussion of how the peace lily may affect cats ... I certainly would not have my cat in the same house as a peace lily as there is no doubt that at some point he would bite and tear off leaf bits, ingesting some - he would also become obsessed with entering any off limits room that contained a peace lily
Your cat is likely different as you seem to think his/her only interest in the paludarium would be drinking the water (ignoring the foliage), so perhaps have a discussion with your vet so you’re able to identify any minor/early symptoms of your cat having a reaction to this potential poison


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