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Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors


11 Oct 2009
It has been a great trip, traveling home tomorrow so we will see what today brings but I have lots of pictures to sort though…
We are certainly experiencing Englands green and pleasant land!
So much green grass and leafy trees but surprisingly blue skies.
After Thursday’s mountain climbing experience we were looking forward to a more casual day, so we drove to the White Scar Caves for some Subterranean fun as we went underground……
The White Claw Cave is a fantastic excursion, situated amongst the rolling Yorkshire dales.
There is a nice shop, cafe and facilities at the entrance leading to an unassuming hole in the face of a small mountain.
The cave covers over one mile and it takes about 80 minutes to complete the guided walk. (The actual cave sytem extend a lot further but it is not accessible to the public)
There are underground streams, waterfalls and various features along the way ending in the huge Battlefield Cavern adorned with thousands of stalactites.
A metal grid path suspended above a strongly flowing stream allows you to follow your guide. In strategic places lighting has been installed throughout the long caves walls, letting you walk past cascading waterfalls, and between massive banks of flowstone and many other features.
I really enjoyed the whole experience although I was surprised I made it out without trashing my poor old back as there are some uncomfortably low sections!
After the excitement of the cave, we set off for lunch at the “Wensleydale cheese factory” and very good is was too.
We then drove through some very dramatic scenery taking in many wonderful sights accompanied with numerous stops offs to make yesterday a very special day to remember.
Nice weather has helped and petrol is cheaper hear than in Guernsey!


17 Mar 2008
SinFin Derby
Path at the back of the local park. I always like walking down here as very fairytale like. It separates the park from the Golf course to the right. And the trees on both sides touch.

Oh and Calcifer after chasing tadpoles in the lakes, managed a nice 6k walk this afternoon.


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