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Possible Hardscape Material

Discussion in 'Aquascaping' started by Benauld, 8 Feb 2017.

  1. Benauld

    Benauld Newly Registered

    Hey guys,

    Okay, so I know I said I was toying with the idea of using Shap Granite in my hardscape, but I've had a few others in mind too...

    I've been out collecting in an area where the underlying geology is supposed to be Blueschist. To be fair I haven't yet tested them, I'm going to use some muriatic acid for that. I've attached a few piccies of a bit of what I picked up. I know they look a bit like slate but in reality they are not, and are much bluer than they appear.




    My problem is, I'm not very up on my interior design. How would the blue and the green of any plants look together? And any cast from the water too? Opinions are very welcome!


  2. zozo

    zozo Member

    Nice rock.. :) and even if the fizzle test s positive still doesn't mean it's useless.. I'm using a rock in the tank reacting like made with acid, because it's a very hard limestone. Much to hard to disolve in water that fast and with the regular water changes it does absolutely nothing to the parameters. :) And it also had a grey/blue color to it, but it's gone by now because algae and aufwugs covered most of it by now.

    But why not spray it wet and put some green to it, housplants or look at it in the garden among the green plants.. But spray it wet, this way the true colors reveal as it will show when submersed. :)
  3. Benauld

    Benauld Newly Registered

    Hi zozo,

    Sorry for the slow response, I've been out collecting again today. :)

    The Blueschist passed the acid test with 16% Hydrochloric Acid solution. However, I've been to a different location today and I've found a rock type which I like much more.

    From research I think it's either a metagabbro, or serpentinite. Either way, it too has passed the acid test, it didn't react at all. Although the algae on the surface didn't respond well, and the concrete I tested it on fizzed up like the top of a bottle of coca cola!

    It's a really lovely pale blue/grey colour and full of character, with loads of folding in the rock and a faint metallic lustre. I don't exactly know how I'm going to make sure that the strata lines up between different rocks though! Lol.

    SDC10649.JPG SDC10656.JPG SDC10658.JPG SDC10663.JPG SDC10653.JPG

    Sorry some of the photos are a bit blurry...

    I'm looking forward to using it and will probably start a journal to record how my scape goes.

    Thanks again,

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  4. dw1305

    dw1305 Expert

    Hi all,
    Very nice.

    The Lake District rocks are all old and hard, so I'm sure they will be all right in the tank.
    It is all metamorphic rock, but I think they were mainly originally sedimentary rock (because of the bedding planes), rather than an igneous one like Gabbro or Serpentine.

    The top rock does look like Serpertinite. Another possibility is that it might have been a stratified volcanic ash deposit, that was subsequently metamorphosed, like the <"Shap blue "granite" hornfel">.

    The quartz is a later intrusion.

    cheers Darrel
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  5. zozo

    zozo Member

    Again a nice find.. :thumbup:
  6. HiNtZ

    HiNtZ Member

    Bloody hell, wish I had rocks like this near me up for grabs in the wild - I live in Thames valley. It's all just gravel :bored:
    dw1305 likes this.
  7. Million

    Million Member

    Very interesting looking rocks, I think they'll make a great foundation for hardscape aesthetically. But I'm no geologist! The first would be nice in an iwagumi scape, the others in a riverbed style I'd suggest
  8. castle

    castle Member

    v.lucky,just clay where I am.
  9. hogan53

    hogan53 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like Bluestone!
    Nelson likes this.
  10. Nelson

    Nelson Member

  11. Benauld

    Benauld Newly Registered

    Thanks for the replies. ;) Yes, the Bluestone looks very similar! Either way I'm looking forward to using it, just have to make my cardboard template and do a mock up...

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