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Plants Have Exploded - Thanks to everyone!

Discussion in '101 Aquarium' started by ben3588, 10 Jan 2017.

  1. ben3588

    ben3588 Newly Registered

    Plants looking great now and even my Christmas moss is recovering thanks to everyone's help. 540d2dc0edd5218ebdd1e1f9aee05b73.jpg 19c6f769a1d993a84eff80ed4878c080.jpg c8f5f333f78bc8b0f67cbf315074c7bf.jpg 70faa827f33c9d53a8f66792ce611545.jpg 98df18b262f7d6182ef4f5a5aa892a56.jpg 79b1520c7972e98d0ba73782a658e861.jpg

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  2. Aqua360

    Aqua360 Member

    Nice one :thumbup:

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