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Plant Identification


2 Dec 2020

Sorry for the bad image but every angel I took this the highlights of the light was to bright.

Can anyone please identify what plant this is and if it is safe to put in an aquarium? If so do I need to treat the plant in any way?

Thank you



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Could you take a bit out of the water to get a better pic?
Maybe in a jar of water, if the leaves stick together when out of water.
Hi all,
It is a "Water Crowfoot", probably "River Water Crowfoot" (Ranunculus fluitans). It is an indicator of good water quality (in the chalk stream it is growing in), but it isn't suitable for a warm water aquarium.

cheers Darrel
Hi all,
I saw it in a tank once it looked pretty beautiful.
It is a really pretty flower. "Water Crowfoot" is the easy bit, but there are lots of very similar species, usually differentiated by quite subtle differences (flower size, presence of floating and submerged leaves etc).

I've seen the Pond Water Crowfoot (Ranunculus aquatilis) for <"sale for ponds">. It has a very similar flower, but I assume it is a bit easier to grow.

cheers Darrel
Years ago I grew one of these water crowfoots (probably Ranunculus aquatilis) in a pond,very beautiful, but have never seen any similar relatives available for aquarium use despite being sold as pond oxygenators. I originally thought it was a temperature thing, but now I am not so sure as varieties (or closely related species) grow in some hot countries. I have found reference that the foliage is somewhat toxic or even poisonous, might this be the reason it is not generally used in aquariums (small volume of water to dilute toxins) or would this only be of concern if you had plant eating fish?
Thank you for all of your replies! Very much appreciated!
I found it in a stream next to my favourite pub and it looked so beautiful just flowing with the flow of the stream. I was just curious what sort of plant it was and if it was tank safe and you have all been so helpful.

I have one last question if anyone can help. If it is tank safe and I collected some, is there a quarantine process I have to follow with this or any sort of treatment I need to give the plant before putting it in my aquascape?

Again thank you all :)
I would not plop it right in my tank personally, you can get all sorts of nasties as passengers. There are several dip treatments people use, Alum, Bleach, Potassium Permanganate etc. Personally only have experience with PP, worked a treat and when dosed correctly seems to be well tolerated by the plant. In your case if the plant should die from the dip you could always go out and grab another bit ;) Being a native plant I assume it wont like living in a very hot tank, but maybe im wrong. If worried about toxicity put it in a container with some daphnia and see if they thrive