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Plant Book


7 Sep 2008
I'm looking for a good book on Aquarium Plants, I'd like details of the size, light requirement and country of origin of each plant.

I'd also like some aquascape photos for smaller types of aquarium, preferably below 20 gallons.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Dennerle publish their own book ‘System for fascinating aquariums’ that has excellent photographs of plants listed in alphabetical order. The information provided with each plant is quite comprehensive. It sells for about £16-17 but shop around, it has gone for much less before now on Ebay.

They also have photos of well established planted tanks of many different sizes. The photos include a planting plan to show you what plants have been used.

It is also a "sales catalogue" for the complete Dennerle system of growing - if this is not your thing then the book is still an excellent guide to plants and planting schemes. An attractive and useful hardback that complements the Amano "Nature Aquarium" series of books which have great aquascapes but very little information on plants used and no formal listing of plants.
I can thoroughly recommend the Tropica catalogue Dave suggests. It includes colour drawings of plants, which is a much better way of presenting plants than trying to capture them photographically. It also briefly describes growth patterns and planting requirements. A shortcoming is that it (obviously) only covers plants currently supplied by Tropica. Tropica also produce a useful DVD which includes details on preparing plants for planting, which is invaluable.

What we really need is a comprehensive plants list and planting guide - if UKAPS continues to grow interest in the hobby, I'm sure the good doctor Hessayon can eventually be persuaded to produce yet another addition to his excellent "Expert" series!
The Peter Hiscock Book suggested above is excellent.

A couple of very good books in my opinion are Christel Kasselmann's 'Aquarium Plants' and 'How to set up a planted aquarium'. The second is good for beginners.
Just got the Peter Hiscock book, and would agree it's spot on. Inevitably the 'how-to' section has some stuff that's not in line with UKAPS best practice, but the plant profiles are excellent.