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placement of circulation pumps for this scape

Andy Dunning

12 Jul 2013

I would like to create Dan Crawfords Tropica layout 46 scape for my fluval Roma 240 tank.
I also have two 1600 koralia circulation pumps, but would like some help on where to place them in the tank to get ferts and c02 well distributed.
my filter outlet comes from back right hand corner with two nozzles, what direction should I face them.
Hi the nozzles themselves move about 45 degrees up and down left and right. The head its self can move 360 degrees.

1) What's your filter? If it's powerful enough, you might not even need the Koralia's
2) In long tanks like that, a spraybar is nearly always the best option. There are some good guides on here about making your own plastic pipework, and to be honest, if it's just a spraybar, it couldn't be simpler!
Hi Andy,
I'm guessing its a drilled tank with stock fluval 306 filter? The pipework is non standard size I think so cobbling a spraybar isn't as straightforward as with some. Also if it is the specs I guessed its not a huge amount of flow for a tank that size so you will need at least one of your circulation pumps. Fortunately you have chosen a good inspiration tank as I think that was one produced mainly from the tropica easy range of plants so won't be too demanding. The t8 lighting will be manageable so what I would suggest is to set the filter outlets up with one pointing directly along the back glass, perhaps slightly downwards to feed the plants along the back. The other nozzle I'd have pointing towards the front glass but slightly upwards to agitate the surface slightly for good gas exchange. I'd initially add 1 circulation pump at the front right mid height pointing along the length of the front glass to ensure good movement at lower levels.
See how this goes, you may find you need to tweak the flow patterns as plant mass increases or add the second circulation pump at the right rear to help distribution to the plant mass at the back. Maybe place the single circulation pump mid height but in a central position at the right to get good overall circulation.....really its just trail and error to ensure good movement throughout, but you may be able to get away with only one of your large circulation pumps, either way I'd keep all the directionality from the right to left to minimise conflicting flow patterns.