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Pinnatifida trimming


21 Feb 2020
Between Japan (Kyushu) and the UK (East Anglia)

I have H. pinnatifida in my Mini M, and of course, it needs regular trimming to stop it going wild.
My question is, can it be hacked right back to the base each time, or do I need to be more careful with it? I'm removing individual leaves, but I feel like it might need a more aggressive touch every now and again. Just don't want to take off too much.

Either way works, hacking it back obviously takes longer to grow back into shape. Which also allows smaller better coloured leaves develope and forces it to grow sideways and bush out. Creating lots of runners from the trimmed piece.
I've found pinnatifida grows back from the smallest hacked up piece of stem, so I'm sure you couldn't take too much off.
Any pics of it in the mini m?

I've considered it for similar sized tanks but never tried as I assumed it was too bushy/large