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Photography myths by Paul Timpa

I agree with most of what he says, although he doesn`t cover the whole full frame/ISO issue very well. Ask anyone who takes wedding pictures in a church where flash is not permitted, whether they prefer the ISO performance of full frame or cropped. Full frame loses out on reach, but comes in to its own at wide angles.

The bit about flash is very good, too. The brighter the day, the more likely I am to use a flash gun. People often ask why I have a flash gun fitted on a bright summer`s day. Having a full frame camera and a f1.4 lens means I don`t need a flash gun indoors. I can`t remember the last time I used my tripod, either.

I`m not sure why Canon full frame cameras should have such a slow rate of fps. I imagine they will be higher. My Nikon, with fresh A4s in the battery pack can shoot 8 fps. I am sure Canons would approach this, too?

As for HDR, 99% of the time it makes me feel :sick:

Regards, Dave.
Dave, just out of interest why ca you not use the flash in a church??
might be a silly question i know, ive never used a decent camera in my life and have zero knowledge on photography :/

Some places don't like you to use flash for weddings. I've never had it happen personally though. I'd rather shoot without anyway. If you can't bounce the flash off the ceiling (difficult in a church!) I don't really like the look of head-on flash. I'd rather use F2.8 @3200 and have some grain. That or shoot 2/3 under to keep your speed up and bump it back up in RAW.